Our Caveman

Our Anglo-French & bilingual actor Kevin Buckmaster was originally given the task of frenchicising Caveman for the French speaking audience that opened in Lausanne, Switzerland in 2006. Under popular demand, he has now also em-bodied Caveman in its original version in English for the ongoing English audience here in Switzerland.

Kevin takes his public on an educational, emotional and humorous journey, exploring this contemporary one-man show about feminism and masculine sensitivity. Many of his wandering observations on the difference between male and female behaviour are enlightening as Caveman mines the common themes in relationships that go straight to the funny bone.

Born in Glasgow and based in Geneva from an early age, he is a comic, a clown, an improviser who has a discreet and subtle sens of humour and can also be hilarious. He embodies perfectly the description and character of a Caveman with unpretentious and sensitive features. He is light and subtle with a lively and bouncy wit.

Kevin has buckled down to the enormous task of developing his role face to face with the audience.

Kevin Buckmaster